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Mobile technology is redefining how successful businesses operate, compete and succeed. Difficult challenges often stop IT’s best mobility ideas from becoming a reality. That’s where Vox Mobile comes in. With core competencies across multiple markets, we develop custom strategies to accelerate your path to mobility innovation. Read how Vox is accelerating the path to mobility innovation across the industries we serve.

There are many answers to offer, some that you’ve heard ad nauseam (“it’s cheaper”, “we’re the experts”, or “mobility is not what you’re best at doing”) and others you may not have considered (“separating yourself from other companies”, “having a mobility subject matter expert at your beck and call”, and “affords you the ability to implement new technology quickly”).

IT outsourcing goes through phases like fashion.  Some will swear by outsourcing, while others remain certain that insourcing is the only way to go, but the prevailing winds shift year by year. For most of IT services, of course, a learned, experienced professional knows that the answer to the outsourcing question tends to be “it depends.” The context of the current moment and the focus of the organization will change over time and will make one or the other more advisable.

Congratulations! You’ve made the impactful decision to incorporate self-service into your company’s support model. I previously touched on the pros and cons of self service in last month’s blog, now it’s time to walk through some top strategies to consider when rolling out your self-service program. I’ve group them into the below 4 categories.

When I first joined the enterprise mobility management industry, it was shocking to find what a significant expense organizations encounter on a monthly basis towards their carrier (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint etc.) spend. What was even more alarming was uncovering that very few organizations had identified budgets tied towards mobility. It had become a cost of doing business that was either absorbed by IT or distributed so precisely throughout every individual cost center within the company that it flew under the radar.

How many of you have old smartphones sitting in a drawer or cabinet at your desk? It would be safe to assume many of you do. The establishment of a robust mobile asset management and recovery solution would almost certainly be worthwhile for most organizations. However, such a solution would also be extremely challenging to implement.

Mobile Thought Leaders gathered for an MTL Online event to review the findings of the 2018 Strategy Research. The report itself has been out for a while and has been the focus of many discussions at MTL Live events and elsewhere. Some of those discussions were represented by a panel including Vox Mobile’s Harjot Sidhu joining from Vancouver, British Columbia, VMware VP Jeff Mitchell, in Atlanta and Jim Haviland joining the discussion from Hollywood.

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